Happy Birthday, Snake…

Just to celebrate, I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of the two of us..

  • Amusingly, the first one is just a funny coincidence. My uncle had an office when I was in elementary school on a street that is the same as Snake’s last name. #writteninthestars
  • The first time we met, apparently he knew that we were meant to be together. I, alas, was in the middle of play practice and was only marginally aware of him.
  • We entered a ridiculous champagne drinking contest in college. One bottle of horribly bad stuff and kept passing it back and forth, trying to finish it before the other teams. We lost and spent the rest of the night burping. LOL
  • We almost went broke in college going to cheap hotel rooms on weekends. We were beginning to worry that the staff was going to recognize us. And our favorite place had free unlimited popcorn in the lobby. Dinner and entertainment….
  • Climbing up a fire tower and almost being blown off by the wind. Crazy, scary but what a rush!
  • The first time we went on a zip line was in Juneau. And the drop for the initial one was well over 400 feet–but we were hooked.
  • I could go on and on. But my last one that I will share was an amazing three hours in a bar in Las Vegas. No music, almost deserted and my best friend and partner there just sharing drinks and talking.

Happy birthday, my love <3

***Oh, don’t worry, the birthday swats haven’t been forgotten***

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