A 2019 Update, On the PA…

So, a while back I did the thing. Got the ol’ PA (Prince Albert) piercing done.

Funny though, I still cringe when I think about it – what is it about getting pierced, um, well, down there, that is just so cringe-worthy? Totally makes sense, but you’d think after going through it and realizing I’m still alive and it was really not a big deal, that it wouldn’t be that way. It is.

For those that might not know – here’s more about the Saga of the PA.

I thought I might circle back and give an update – right now I’m wearing a 0-gauge, but I tend to bounce between a 2 and a 0. I don’t want it to go any further, so I drop back to the 2 (or even remove the ring for a week or so at a time) to keep it from being under constant stretch pressure. It’s worked really well to manage it.

Oddly, the 0-gauge is easily the most comfortable size… most of the time. I’ll explain in a bit…

I’ve found that I can wear just about anything up to the 0 and still have the cage on – and I did have the Queen’s Keep modified to allow the ring to extend out a slot at the front of the cage. It was a good choice. It looks awesome (so many metal bars, and then the ring) and it’s comfortable. It would be a tad more secure if it had some sort of attachment device, but by this time most of the “security” is in my head. I don’t fight to get out or break any agreements/rules (actually was never really my thing).

I’ve also found that the Steelheart does a great job of…supporting things. So it keeps the sizing consistent too. That’s been a very cool upside to the full cage design.

Which brings us to sexy-time. As things became stable, we noticed a very hot and very interesting side-effect.

In short, the ring keeps moving when the gyrations or … whatever… stop. While this may seem quite obvious when thinking about it, it’s not something I’d ever considered, and I’ve been surprised by it more than a few times. We can be going along, minding my own business, trying to keep to the edge JUST SO, and we’ll stop like any other person would.

But that damn ring. It keeps flopping around, pushing on all the nerve endings RIGHT THERE. And it’s been known to be a real troublemaker. We all know that spot, right on the underside, right below the head, right?

Yes, that one. Well, the ring has a tendency to be right there, but when the timing is right and things are moving right along and there is fun to be had, that ring becomes hard-wired, inside, to that spot. It’s can be like electricity shooting through there.

It’s close to sounding, but more targeted. And it can be more urgent too. And, it can be no matter what’s going on. You might recall I answered the question early on – “Can she feel it?” with a resounding Yes. Yup, still true, still preferred actually.

But in those cases when she can (see how I danced around the specifics there?), when everything stops to lend a control break and we’re just waiting a few seconds, that damn ring can still be flipping around, tweaking inside me almost, forcing things to go on for longer than I really want them to in terms of pushing to the edge…

It’s just part of the torture, the unending things I do and put up with.

Seriously, it’s been a great thing, and it’s just our thing. No one else has to know (aside from an occasional overly sensitive metal detector and a 0-gauge ring)… ya know, it’s just between the two of us and you. But it’s so cool that it’s our thing, and at the same time it is constantly, and still, tossing weird variables into playtime. Still messing with me. With us.

Still considering, have questions? Comment below, or contact me, happy to share more if I can help.

2 thoughts on “A 2019 Update, On the PA…”

    1. Thx! There’s a bunch of info on the site about the experience…. It’s more scary and a mind game than anything else…

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