The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.

St. Jerome

Mirrors are always fun to play with. Watching you, watching myself, watching the reactions. We use them in play, we use them to put ourselves together and we tend to use them a lot in photographs.

Many of you know that Snake and I take dance lessons and perform occasionally. In a studio, there are mirrors everywhere. Good and bad reflections. I get to watch him but unfortunately also get to see how much work I still need to do to make it look “right.” But the mirrors always show progress which is more important and easier to attain than perfection.

When I think of a mirror, though, it is your eyes and face. You are always so expressive and open with me. I see the love reflected back to me. So often when our eyes meet, there is no need for words. We are one.

There are times when your eyes reflect frustration and anger. Often when I’m teasing you to the edge of your endurance. But still, you endure. For me.

Traveling with you allows me to see the joy and wonder and excitement that seeing new places and experiencing new things brings. We hold hands and share a glance that reflects our journey and adventure.

So, while mirrors on the wall are fun, my favorite mirror and kink is definitely your eyes.

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