Suggestive Thoughts and Needs

As we lay there, relaxing, talking, kissing, fondling and just sort of lazily enjoying each other, I trace your face with my fingers with the lightest of touches. Your grin tells me you’re enjoying it, and I run my fingers through your hair, lightly around your ears and neck.

I love the sensations I see in your face. It’s this look of almost succumbing, of feeling the little twitches in your body, of feeling your skin react. “Almost” succumbing, because you always fight it … at first. You don’t like giving in too quickly. You don’t like giving up that control.

As I scoot over a bit and kiss the nape of your neck, I feel your breathing change ever so slightly. I love the smell of you, the taste of you. I gently hold your head and look at you, locking eyes. I feel myself starting to respond and fight to ignore it. I know that won’t last for long.

I move in your direction just a bit, rolling to my side, straddling your leg softly and pressing into you. You feel my thigh against you and I feel the heat of your body under me. That heat flows into me and runs through me as I kiss you, nibble at your ears, then back to your neck, your shoulders.

I feel your hand on me, squeezing. You’re alternating between firm and less-firm grip, but there’s no mistaking it and I kiss and nip down over your chest, running my tongue on the outside of your breasts, drawing wide, teasing circles around first one, then the other breast. Your nipples respond and you begin arching, ever so slightly to meet me, I hear your breath catch a few times too as I touch on the perfect spots, or brush your nipple with my beard.

Your scent and taste changes as I move down your body – from your hair to your ears, your neck, your chest, your breasts, your stomach – it crosses my mind that it’s a scent and a taste that is all you- it’s a taste that teases, pulls at me. I move to your side and move down your body with my kisses. Your scent changes again and I pull you to me.

Again I feel your hand back on me, this time squeezing hard, holding me very firmly. It’s almost painful and I rock into your hand, looking for more as I pull you toward me.

I feel you start to roll a bit towards me, I slide my arms around you and press myself more actively into your hand. Your hand gets tighter, more insistent around me.

Suddenly, the feelings from your hand turn from insistent to controlling. From firm to painful.

Out of nowhere, this weird sound is banging around in my head. It’s like I have earplugs in and I know it’s just my body responding. I move again against you and again the pain. Again the noise. A voice. Your voice.

Whoa there. That must be a hell of a dream!” finally breaks like a roaring wave on my brain.

I realize my eyes aren’t even open and I stop for just a moment to realize that I have pulled you in tight, spooning you pressing into you and you have your hand on me, trying to get my attention and wake me.

Whoa! No more dreaming, let’s do something much more fun about that…” is all you say. You twist in my arms, and sleepily start kissing me while the dreaming cobwebs clear from my head.

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