Technical Sex: Control

This… thing that we do. It all started with just goofing off with kink. It quickly progressed to so many things, so much experimenting, and so much learning. I felt a little like I’d been a slacker all my life, just kind of learning as I go.

Kink, or whatever you want to call this thing we do, showed that you can always be learning here too. She was learning about me, me about her. One of the things that I homed in on early on was control. As in orgasm control. You don’t say “yes,” it doesn’t happen kind of control.

This was sort of a big deal.

In order to seek permission, you have to first be able to control. Talk about a “Technical” challenge! And here I thought the goal was to race to the finish line! (OK, I have never been quite that way, but you get the point).

Learning about things to do, because I’m sorry, but reciting sports scores don’t do anything for me in that department, was a huge hurdle. Figuring out all of the lead up sensations and how to fight them, also a big deal. This isn’t to say all of this “figuring out” wasn’t fun. Oh my. Yes, yes it is. But it takes a deliberate approach at times.

And the difference between “HA! I managed that quite well, thank you!” and “aw crap.” was as tiny as tweaking the wrong muscle at the right time. As small as letting that roar of urgency pulse just a little. too. long. But it’s quite possible to have that control and be able to enjoy a much more extended evening.


Then there are the times when she decides it’s all a contest.

It starts with “No. You may not. Not now, unless I say, and don’t ask.” Followed by THAT grin. THAT look in her eyes.

Now, the game is afoot. You know, just know, that the whole point is to be broken, to have it forced, coerced, extracted from you almost. To beat your cockiness about control. To tip you over the top even when you think you’re going to be able to do as you’re told.

Then come those erotic, super-charged squeezes. The rapid fire strokes. The slow descent and contractions and … holy crap.

All of that stuff I wrote about above? Yeah. Out the window.

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