Blind Sensations

So, here’s the deal…” she says with that grin.  “With it being Halloween, we’re going to play a game with a mask so you can earn some additional play time…

My head: “whut?”

I should know better.  It’s just not ever simple.  She starts telling me what we’re doing – but I lose track because she’s coming at me with that full bondage hood mask we picked up a while ago.  It’s one of those stretchy, blindfold embedded, ear-muffling, fully head-covering masks.  I’m lost in the whole WTF of the situation.  Finally, I think to ask –

“Say what?!”

You’re going to be wearing this, headphones over it just to make sure you can’t hear anything.  You’re also going to be cuffed in place. But the key thing is, you have to identify what I’m, well, touching you, with.  The more you get right, the more prizes you earn.  And trust me, the prizes will be worth it…

My vision fades to black as the mask is pulled over my head.

The music starts as the headphones slide in place and the cuffs are all attached.  For a minute or two, all I can think is how I must look, masked, cuffed and truly at the mercy of whatever sensations she’s feeling like dishing out.

I say for a minute or two because I feel an extremely sharp stab at my inner thigh – like a needle pressing against me, but then it walks up my leg, holding it’s grip on me.  My instincts to get away seem to fire on their own, but of course, that’s not an option.  It stops, then starts up the other leg – it’s a constant sting/sharp sensation, I’m pretty sure I know what this is, but am squirming so much to get away… then it stops and I try to catch my breath.

“Wheel – the metal wheel with spikes?!?” is about all I can get out.  The Wartenberg wheel.  “No, sorry,” she says under the headphones, “violet wand.”

Ugh.  Strike one.  The music blares again.

I feel her rubbing my chest, my nipples.  I’m hoping and dreading that I know what’s next and sure enough, first one side, then the other – the shooting pain from my chest can be only one thing.  It’s blinding and I feel them both pull down …

“Yes?” I hear under the headphones… I gasp out “nipple clamps!”  “Nailed it!” she says.

My “reward” is a strong tug and hold on the chain between them.  It releases, but the clamps remain…

I feel her attaching something around the base of my cock, and around the head – before it registers a feeling like a hammer runs from one point to the other, over and over.  I’m jumping up and down and whimpering out a bit “you forgot the clamps – to take them off!” I somehow manage to get out.

She lifts the headphones at the same time that my chest screams out as the clover clamps bite in harder from being pulled sharply “you mean these?  No, they stay on…

Meanwhile, the jackhammer is running through my cock – it seems to softer, then mind-breaking strong – then stop and go all over again.  It finally registers…

“E-stim” I gasp between jackhammer hits “e-stim down there!”

“Yessssss….” I hear under the headphones and with a tug once again at my chest that has me seeing white flashes, the jackhammer stops.

I feel something new slip over my raging hard-on – I think I have this nailed so quickly, even before I give it a second, “Fleshlight-thingie!” is all I can get out.

Well, no.  Perhaps if you’d waited for a second…” and my cock comes alive – I know in a second it’s the wand attachment, fully engaged.  I feel myself start to climb that mountain – racing to cum.

I admit that I’m staying silent, trying to control my breathing, letting it wash over me, going directly for the orgasm, even as my chest screams louder than the music in my ears.

But of course, she knows me.  She knows my tells.  I get just to the point where I’m losing my mind and knowing it’s there.

Not only does it stop and slide off of me, but in seemingly the same instant, BOTH clamps come off in a sharp, screaming flash.

Geez.  Sorry, but we tied.  2 for you, 2 for me.  And I want to collect on mine.  I call that a win!


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