…and Pause.

It’s a weird place to be, in that aftermath zone.  It’s weird, but it’s magic too.  When you’re spent, you’re allowing your mind to just be blank.  If you let your mind wander and think whatever it’ll think, it wanders to your body.  Your experiences.  Those sensations just experienced.

You look up at me with those eyes.  There’s fire there, still.  There’s expectation.  There’s plotting and scheming, and there’s almost an “accomplishment” look too.  Like you know you hit the notes you wanted to hit.  You stop for just a second, scoot up and put a single kiss on my collarbone, then pause.

With a flash, my head is running through it all.  I feel every tooth, every bite at that specific part of my body.  I feel the shots of energy that flowed through me, I feel the pain, the rush afterward.  It’s all at once, reliving it, getting to experience it again just from that kiss and your hesitation afterward.  You see this in me, and you grin.  Just as fast as it washed over me, I’m back, grinning down at you…

You scoot down a bit, kiss my chest, and… pause.

The bite, the kiss, the hickey, the bruise.  I can feel you deep into the muscle on my chest, taking what you want, giving me the blinding headrush in the moment.  I feel it all, all over again.  Instantly it hits.  Even in the original moment, it took time, took time to wash through me and back and forth up my body, but now, now it’s all at once, from head to toes, front to back.  All of the sensations flash through me and out through your kiss.  It’s like you’re taking back the energy you loaned to me in the moment. 

You repeat this – my nipples, my stomach, my groin.  The insides of my thighs – everywhere you’ve left your impression – literally or figuratively.  And each time, it’s just a kiss, then a pause.  It replays, it screams in my ears.  It makes me grin.  It’s not about the ouch, it’s about the energy.  It’s like you initially loaded me up with your energy, left it there to boil, and now you’re taking it back until next time.  But I don’t want it to go away.  I want ALL the energy.  I want all the lust, the desire.  I want all of it to stay, and more.  I’m selfish.  I can feel it chasing its way out into you.

You slowly move up my body and place one more kiss.

Kiss.  Pause.

The energy of all of those comes rushing back into me.  All at once, and you can feel it, roaring between us.  I’m instantly hard again and you pull back just a bit, take me into your hand, stroke, and pause…

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