A “Uniform” Experience?

I’ve always wondered if being, well, turned on, was a common experience between us.  It’s such a weird experience, walking down that road of going from zero to 60 on the “interest” and “oh my” scale.  I’ve wondered a lot if it’s the same for you as it is for me.

So many times it starts with kind of a “no big deal” thing – I can manage this, it’s ok if it’s later and not now, or that this or that doesn’t happen.  I mean, I’m interested, I know it’ll be fun, I know in my heart that it’ll feel good.  But that’s the real scope.  But then …

My body splits into several pieces.  If you imagine just slowly being edged by someone else… I start being in control.  I’ve got this.  Yeah, it feels good, but I have total control here.  I could do this all day and into tomorrow.

Then the jolt happens.  It runs up and down my spine, forces my eyes shut or to roll back for just a second.  It’s almost like a cringe in my bones.  It runs from my groin to my knees, back to my core, then to my toes and all the way through me, up to my head.  It happens in about 2 seconds, and it physically rocks me internally.  I have often wondered if anyone can tell.  If they can see it roll through me.  It’s the first sign of involuntary waves of energy going through me.

When this happens, I feel the control starting to drain.  It’s not an “I’m going to cum in the next 10 seconds” thing, not that kind of control.  It’s much more an “oh, yeah.  That.  OMG, yeah.  THAT.” It’s my first realization that that cliff is there.  That cliff of managing composure.

It usually only washes over me once, then retreats.  But I’m left stripped, bare, exposed and I suspect I’m also pushing a button or two on the other person where they know they have just tripped a switch.  A taking of control.

Do you feel those things too?

Shortly after, my cock becomes this being unto itself.  Not in a vile way, but in a way of the sensations coming at me, radiating out from there, but coursing through me.  It’s these waves of electricity and good feelings.  Something about the feeling changed though.  It’s almost removed, like something happening TO me is pushing things INSIDE me, like a charge, release, urgency thing.  It’s not a “urgent time to cum” yet, it’s just like a switch got flipped.

That switch is the animal side of things.

Do you feel those things too?  Is it the same for you?

I’ve seen it in others.  You can even see it in porn.  It’s in the eyes, it’s in the acquiescence of the receiving person.  You can even see it in writing.  When you read someone’s work, other places.  You can FEEL the changeover to vulnerability.

For me, that’s a key tipping point again.  Vulnerability.  I’m in, all in.  Trust has kicked in, desire is overwhelming, that cock is ruling the day with it’s charged feelings and energy and the animal has taken over, and I’ve let it.  I help it along the way, chasing those energy bands pulsing through me now.  I feel it, I can even see it roar through me in these bands of light and dark and near-black-out pleasure as it pings up and down my bones, my body.

Then there’s that wall.  That wall that you may or may not want to break through right about now.  It’s the edge.  There are entire conversations that go on inside you debating and arguing about that edge.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not even explicitly “edging” – you have a decision to make. You have to choose to emphasize every single thing that feels that way – the pressure, the speed, all of it.  If someone else is doing this with you, you have to do your best to try to focus either on the colors and surges and noises in your head or … elsewhere to attempt to drive yourself anywhere but over the edge.

But when it hits… oh my.  It starts at the top of my head.  Washes through the inside of my head, blinding, twitching, normally forcing my eyes shut, unless directed otherwise and able to do so… barely.  It forces my mouth open, jets down my throat to my chest.

I feel it build and wash out over my arms, my chest, my stomach, shooting for my cock, where every centimeter is electric and convulsing and stabbing for more, demanding more, screaming for more.

Or perhaps that’s me screaming.  Or growling.

Do you feel those things too?

I’ve always wondered.  Is it uniform for everyone?  Is it similar?  Totally different?

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