Makes the Trip Go Faster…

As I’m sitting here, mindlessly reading, I get that tingly sensation.  I’ve been so lost in my e-book, in staring out the window thinking about all of the things to come later today when I get in.  But that feeling – the one I assume everyone gets when they are being watched.

I look up, no one is sitting across from me, and I can’t really see any obvious people, but it’s this odd sensation that I just can’t shake.  I go back to reading, but now I’m getting butterflies.  I have no idea why.  I also have no idea what I’m trying to read.  It’s so strange.  I’ve ridden my fair share of trains, never been this distracted by an unknown.

I look around again.

Finally, I see her.  She’s sitting in a row with rear-facing seats.  A couple of rows away, but facing me.  She’s looking down but glances up and I catch her eye.  It’s like this weird bolt of lightning goes through me.  Even though she looks away immediately, I know this is where it was coming from.

She’s beautiful, I try to look away, but now she’s kiddingly looking up, glancing at me, then away.  She’s toying with me, knowing that I’m completely taken with what’s happening.  She starts playing with her hair – adjusting in her seat.  Almost comical things – things you’d see in some spy novel with the seductress trying to distract the target.  But it’s working.

We go back and forth like this – nowhere to really move in the rows, too many people already there.  Mostly sleeping people, or staring out the window.

I look again and this time, she’s teasing me with the hemline of her dress.  I feel myself flush red a bit and she knows I’ve taken the bait fully.  This playful back and forth is frustrating, but the energy is unbelievable.  It’s like she’s playing with me through some window as the train roars down the tracks.

Just as we start the process of arrival, I look up and she parts her legs just enough – I can see white under the dress, then she slaps them shut and wags her finger at me just as the train fully stops.  She’s up in a flash and walking by me for the door.  I haven’t even got my stuff together yet, and she’s at my row.  She leans over, kisses my cheek and puts her hand in mine.  About 2 seconds later I realize she’s handing me her panties – white.

She grins at me and heads for the door.

After I gather my things, I fight my way past everyone as if there’s a fire I’m escaping to get off the train.  I’m all but running for the door after her, of course, everyone else is trying to get off as well, so it’s frustrating.  I’m trying to see her out the window, to know which way I should go.  I can’t quite catch a glimpse though, so she must have gone the other direction.

As I step off the train, I pause and look for her.

She’s gone.

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