Fine lines and curls

Do you ever hold up a piece of clothing (er, lingerie) and go “um, how does that work, exactly??!?”

Yeah, I’ve had those moments.  This was one of them.  This was incredibly tiny and dramatically stretchy…


Sinful Sunday


9 Replies to “Fine lines and curls”

  1. Nope. Nope. All wrong. We think you have it on inside out, upside down & perhaps even diagonal.

    We need more pix to confirm. From every angle.

    No, one pic at each angle probably isnt going to work…3 in differmet light, yeah that would do it.

    And if it isn’t obvious, drool…..

  2. It looks like you’ve managed to work out how to get it on, and you look very sexy in it! Jadis x

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