Games, and Things We’ve Learned…

It’s been a time of ongoing games here in the snake den (pit? house? tunnel?) – of course Charmer is nothing if not an artist at slanting those rules … just… so.  But it’s a fun and random and certainly has a way of changing things up.

We’ve escalated things a bit to two dice and are messing with the things associated with the dice.  Then, to start the game, she declares what the values mean.  Now, there’s a statistical bell curve here on the most likely (“over time”) value of the two dice you roll.  It’s just a factor of how many combinations can get to specific values.

As an example, a 2 or 12 is a 2.78% chance, and 7 tops out the mix at 16.67%.

Yeah, right.

It seems we’ve NEVER run these curves.  She could put my most hated items on some low-probability roll and I’ll be damned if I don’t hit it, many times more than once, in one single 14 day game.  It’s like the dice is loaded or something.  (Side note: we should head to Vegas… perhaps that’s a benefit to her talents?)

ANYWAY, clamps have been in high-fashion, as have massages for her and some others that make me a little nutty.

Nowhere NEAR the statistical likelihood!  It’s the strangest thing.

Except that one thing.  Yeah.  NOT winning any O’s here.  I think I’ve won a single round in all the time that we’ve been playing with the dice.  I’m not sure it wasn’t a pity round.

I mean, I’ll take it and all, but it’s the strangest thing to watch, ya know, statistically.

So now we start anew.  Except this time, I had to create the game.  And, you know me.  I just had to make it different and odd and more…. more.

Risky too.

One of the items is swats, for example.  Then you roll the dice again, and x10 is your number.   Others include her favorite massages and such.  But we also decided to incorporate the wheel of (mis)fortune – an online site that lets you define a “wheel of fortune” type spinning wheel with values in the slots.

So, on top of the dice roll each day, we get a crack at the wheel.  Roll a dice.  If it’s even, off to the wheel we go.  If it’s odd, I’m safe for a day.

There is even one where she picks the toy, I write the review for y’all.

What have I done?

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