Sinful Sunday #119 – Subtle Hints

Have you ever had one of those relationships where you’re always guessing about what is wanted, or how you can help, or confused about what’s next?

It can be downright hard.

Fortunately, this is rarely the case with Charmer, particularly when it comes to certain things.  And, as you can see, she’s got this particular thing worked out just fine.   🙂



15 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #119 – Subtle Hints”

  1. Fun way to tease

    Although my brains a bit wonky and likes to add alternative words and change the things I perceive..

    Part of me was giggling and reading “win!” instead of “wine” due to the angle of the sock on your foot

    So I’m giggling more and wondering what constitutes a “glass of win!” 😂

  2. Any Married Man Has Always Tried to Figure What Their Wives Are Thinking, Failing Magnificently! You Are Quite Lucky!

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