Game. Version 2 Complete.

Short story: I lost.

Longer version:  I lost badly.

So, the second round of the Trivial Pursuit game has come to an end.  This time it was two weeks and Charmer had come up with all sorts of things that she KNEW she’d be able to use as tasks because she also KNEW that I am not the best at Trivial Pursuit.

The long and the short of it is that I had to get all tiles in the “pie” by the time the game wound down.  I *may* be offered a chance to get more tiles in a session by paying a price, but the price would not be known.  And, if there were more than one opportunity to get additional tiles, the price may change from option to option.

She also had a few days that she could say “not tonight dear.”   And that simply removed the option to answer questions.  Of course, if I miss a question, not only is there no tile, but there would be a task or activity required.

If I won, the prize was incredible.  I hope to someday, SOMEDAY, win so will write more about that when/if it ever happens.  But suffice to say…. wish me luck.

One of the “costs” of trying again to win a tile was something I’d never done before.  Last time you might remember that I had to edge X number of times as a bit of a performance for her.  This time, she twisted this around. [SSC:  To be fair, this was from a list of possible tasks that HE provided.]

I had 5 minutes the first time.  After each RUINED O done by me for her, in that timeframe, I would earn another question to try to get a tile.  I’ve never done that before.  For me, ruined are an evil, frustrating, aggravating thing.  There’s something about being right there, knocking on the door and not getting to go in.  It messes with my head a bit, my body is all ready to do the thing, then … nothing.  Just a whimper.  And it frustrates the crap out of me.  Not to mention one after the other.

Question…. answer…. miss… go again.

Question…. answer…. miss… go again.

I managed to get 3 in the 5 minutes.  I wanted to climb the walls afterward, and wanted to kill small living things and sacrifice them to the respective Gods of O, but that was that.   All total, coasting into the last night, I had 4 tiles.

The last night, of course, I screwed up the question again and was offered a chance to get another go at a question.  But this time, I had the 5 minutes, but the “Ruin, ask question, take a breath, miss it, ruin again if you can” cycle had been too…. nice.

So this time, it was “you have 5 minutes to ruin 3.  Go.”

I made it, yo!  Literally, 4 seconds to spare.  And, ya know, some sanity.

But I missed. So I lost.  Big time.

The cost is that we’re going to experiment with maintenance impact play for the next 7 days.  Every day.  Each night (at least) and I know she’s going to enjoy herself in a big way.

Wish me luck.  And a tough back side.  I suspect bruises are in my future.

[SSC:  And stay tuned… there will certainly be more tasks and the new game is already afoot.]

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