Sinful Sunday #104 – Fluid – Body Shots

Body Shots – mixing (and serving) the drink from there, right?  A little whiskey… a little more.  Sometimes it’s fun to make a mess… and of course the clean-up.

The prompt this month was “fluids” – it was very challenging to capture something in a still photo.  We’ve debated and talked about ideas since it was announced.  Interesting prompt indeed!



11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #104 – Fluid – Body Shots”

  1. Like this image a lot – the focus on the fluid around your navel with your delicious breast in the background…

  2. Ooh yessss! I love body shots almost as much as I love this photo… almost as much as I love whiskey! The light, focus, and shadows are excellent… and I bet the tasting was, too.

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