Reflecting On Life and Steel

It’s strange the things that this thing we do influences.  You can read all about the kink side of it, the submissive side of it, the control part of it.  But there is this whole mentality side of it too.

When it pushes your buttons, it really pushes your buttons.  It can be like calming your core, or aggravating your core to the extreme.  It can be frustrating, it can be hot.  It can be all about the control, or all about the bondage and showing commitment.

It’s a head game. It’s a physical thing. It’s psychological.  It’s 24×7, every day that that lock is closed.

There’s a lot to that shiny, glistening cage.


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  1. You are so right! While I remained “chaste” and only had orgasms provided by MrsL for the past 2 months having the steel locked back in place does change things!

    I have been back in steel for only 2 days and the lack of orgasms remains the same but the psychological impact is comforting!

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