A Different Type of Torture

It’s been awhile.  A while since you’ve told me to just, essentially, lay back and relax.  I have come to know and understand that that’s not REALLY what you mean.  What you REALLY mean is lay back and hold on tight… because you have plans to do something, try something… or just want to play around and see what happens.  I’m not sure, but I think this last one is the most challenging – because it usually means any kind of reaction that you think is interesting – if it happens, you get all over it to see how far you can push it.

Turns out, pretty far.

Tonight you are all business.  As soon as I lay back, you start to toy with me, stroking, teasing, walking me down that narrow ledge.  It hasn’t been that long, so I’m not really expecting to get the golden “yes,” but you’re definitely coming after me with great abandon.  Usually you’ll race up to the edge, slow, or stop, then repeat that.

But with the speed you’re using tonight, I’m not sure it’s possible to stop in time.  You are on a mission.  I’m right – you flying up to the edge, I’m fighting, warning you, clenching everything in me because I’ve not been told it’s ok.  I’m trying to stop – and you do stop, exactly ON the edge.  With it being the first time, somehow I pull it back from the orgasm and stop it – but as soon as you see me do it, you go back after me.  No rest, no pause.

I can feel myself doing flip-flops.  Part of me wants to stop you – part of me certainly doesn’t, but I’m telling you, warning, asking you to stop  – warning over and over.  But you keep going, fast, firm, with intent.  As soon as I get to that stop, I’m literally begging you to stop, but you keep going – 1, 2, 3 strokes more.  Then… nothing.  I feel all of my insides pressing outward – all at the same time that I’m contracting and trying to hold back – I can tell it’s futile, but I’m trying my damndest.  I can feel my cum almost marching up and out of me in this slow-motion almost drool as my body takes over, stabbing at the sky, looking for relief.

I know, if I look at you right now, you’re grinning.  Ruined orgasms have become one of your favorite tools of control and frustration.  As soon as I start to come down, I feel you shifting, moving around.  Then I feel you on me, pressing down in a sudden, undeniable single motion – you sink onto me.  I gasp at the hotness of you closing around me, gripping me, teasing the ruined orgasm.  Almost daring it to do more.

Of course that’s not to be.  You stay, motionless, with me buried inside you.  I try to move, but you have me pinned, I want to thrust, to tease a full orgasm from you for me.  I admit, my completely selfish brain is panicking as it comes to the realization that you’re not moving, not helping, and I feel it slipping away.

Then you grab the wand.  Without moving more than enough to simply put it in place, you turn it on – the vibrations roar through my body, through yours – I see your eyes close and a small grin on your face as you position the wand just so… just so it’s shaking me in you, vibrating me, resting against you in just the right way.

Inside you, I can feel your contractions starting – I feel you grasping at me, pulling on me almost – but you still won’t let me move – it’s all about the wand and the build-up for you.  As you crash over the top and double-over leaning on my chest you take a few minutes to recover and then lift slightly.  I don’t mean to, but I audibly whimper as you pull me out and rub against me with – up and down, pinning me to my stomach, screaming in my head that I want back to where I was.

Then the wand returns.  You push the wand back against you, but of course this time, there is you, the wand, ME, then my body.  You’re resting just below the head of my cock – on the underside… Yes, THAT spot.  As you flick on the power, the smile returns to your face as you see the jolt go through me.  The stimulation, especially after the ruined, after my body had all but closed up shop and set up for teasing, numbs my mind and I’m all but thrashing around trying, yes, actually trying, to get away.

I can see your body reacting now – you’re on the verge of cumming again – and I feel the vibrations rolling through me in these incredible indescribable waves of pleasure.  I never want it to end, and I grin as you cum hard on me, on the wand.

And you turn it off while you recover.  I think I’ve pulled it off.

But then the power comes back on – same position – it’s like you’ve picked up where you left off and my body rocking inside.  Every bit of control I have has vaporized.  Gone.  I warn you – I beg you to stop.  But you told me long ago – if you’re about to cum, and I stop you, there will be hell to pay.  This was one of those times – I stop warning you – I focus 100% on anything but what’s going on – but I know this battle is lost.

I feel you start to cum,  I see it in your eyes, your body, I feel it as you clench around me with your legs, your thighs.  I feel it as you lean forward to catch yourself on me – and I cum right along with you.  This big thunderclap of an orgasm, completely out of nowhere, and completely out of control.  It rocks through me, knocking the breath out of me, whipping my head back and forth.

At some point you turned off the wand.  At some time later, you looked up at me, did the whole raised eyebrow Domme look thing and grin.  Then we both break out laughing, and I realize I’m in trouble when all this is over with.

But it was SO worth it.

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