Sinful Sunday #62 – Just layin’ ’round

We saw the light coming into the room when we walked by and just HAD to see if we could do something interesting with it.  And by “something interesting” I mean “hey! Quick! Get some sexy lingerie on and let’s take pictures!  (Inferred: *For Science*)”

Happy Sinful Sunday!  Be sure to click the lips below for more people getting their sexy on…


21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #62 – Just layin’ ’round”

  1. Oh this sounds like me.. Ohhh look at the light, I just a few moments (which usually turns into an hour or more)

    This is such a beautiful shot and I can totally see why the light caught your eye and I think you have used it perfectly to catch our eye


  2. Opportunity knocks! Best thing to do when it does is get undressed, of course!

    Lovely light, and figure, and photo!

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