Ratios. And Forcing the Issue.

As you lay back and pull me to you, you draw my lip into your mouth as we kiss – nipping at me, biting, kissing, releasing and pulling me back to you for more.  One of my favorite things is kissing you, which seems… odd for a dude maybe, but it is, and has always been, a huge hot-button for me.

You take advantage of that so frequently.  It doesn’t take much – from your tongue dancing around in my mouth, to pulling mine into yours to small bites and more substantial chomps, you know exactly how to get my attention, and I, yours.

Your neck.

Just up there, under your earlobe.  Nuzzling, kissing there, moving back up to…. Oh, let’s face it, this isn’t about all of that.  This is about you, and control and what you want to take from me.

I slowly work my way down your body, kissing, caressing, trying to touch everything that wants to be touched and nothing more, absolutely nothing less.  I can feel you relaxing into me, into my touch – it’s a strange thing to watch someone’s body and mind switch from awareness to animal mode, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Inside, I admit, I’m thinking this might be a release night.  Might be my night to get an orgasm, but that leaves quickly – I know that if I think about it, all of my options for NOT thinking about it will fly out the window.  But it’s there.

We’re in this space of sort of moving in waves together.  Feeling the touch, seeking more, moving, reaching, tweaking, rubbing…It’s one of those building frenzies of hands and arms and knees and tongues…

You pull me to you, putting me just so, and I lick ever so slowly, feeling you twitch and respond and move to get me just where you want me, but I try to stay the course, not touching anything too sensitive, but amping up the sensations.

I can feel you inside, clenching at me, releasing, grabbing hold again.  I can see your breathing change and love when you reach in vain for something to hold onto.  I can hear your breath catch, then release.  It’s almost like a lamaze breathing technique, but for completely different reasons.

When you cum, it roars through you, takes over your body and I can see your head dealing with the the overflowing feelings.  I can feel your insides reaching, closing in on me, gripping me.  It’s incredible.  As you start to come down just a bit after a few of these, you reach for me again and pull me up to you, kissing me, grabbing me.  We’ve moved well beyond fondling – all the way to “clenching” as you reach for me, pulling on the cage.  I can take a hint, but confirm your permission to remove it.

When I return, you pull me to you and into you – and something has changed just slightly.  I worry I was gone too long, but that concern is gone in a flash.  You pull me to you, wrapping your legs around me, rocking with me, moving with me.

Somehow, through all of these, we manage to move, to slow down, speed up, tease each other, while you take your orgasms as they wash through you –  it’s not a constant, but they’re amazing and hot and I can see them whittling away at you.  You’ve not said a word about my chance of cumming and I’ve all but given up – it’s too fun to see how many I can draw from you.  I’m lost in this tangle of bodies and feeling you roll with all of it.

You pull me in tight as you can feel me getting closer again, rocking with me, back and forth.  I can feel myself accelerating toward my own orgasm and am doing all I can get you to slow a bit and give me a chance at control, and you sense this.  You slow dramatically and move to whisper in my ear…

I want you to cum for me now.

Those are magic words.  I ask to confirm though – I want to make sure I heard correctly.  You follow up…

Yes.  But if you decide to, your count resets, as does mine – which means you reset the time to the next opportunity too, and it goes up by 5.

Just a quick note here: We’ve played around with different measures in the denial space.  From calendar targets to days to whatever else we can dream up to poke around the denial headspace.  Of late, we’ve been playing with Ratios – ratios of her orgasms to mine.  She’s looking to increase her ratio.

You don’t have to tell me twice.  I drop the bridges, fire the guards and decide it’s time.  But then my head kicks in and hits the brakes.  When I figure out what I’d be agreeing to, and the fact that, honestly, it’s just so damn fun what we’re doing right now that I don’t want it to end, I hear the damnedest thing come out of my mouth.

No.  It’s about you right now.  Some other time for me.”  Or some other such nonsense.

In my head, I hear all the personalities up there screaming, throwing around clipboards, yelling “Are you kidding me?!?

But I was sincere.  Wanted to just make this go on forever.  So I said it, and you grinned at me.  I thought I’d done a really great thing.

Then you clamped down on me.  Internally.  Externally.  *Everywhere*  And started moving with me, against me, in amazing, sensual, killer ways.  You never said a word.  Just started completely taking over in these amazing full-body ways.

I was fighting hard.  This became a war of wills. I was trying, I really was, to not let this happen. But it was too much – I crash over the top, falling headlong into this incredible, all-over, full-body, mind-blowing orgasm.

As I collapse and try to get some semblance of self control, I look at you and realize you’re smiling – and somehow that smile has so many meanings.

  • THAT was fun.
  • Don’t tell ME no, and
  • I win

Yep.  Every single time.

4 Replies to “Ratios. And Forcing the Issue.”

  1. “Don’t tell ME no.”

    EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    As I was reading, I was like… “Hold up. She just gave you a direction and you were all, ‘Nah.’ I *know* that ain’t gonna fly.” 😉

    1. Yeah. I should have know. “Hey, I’m taking this from you. AND … it’s going to cost you.” I thought there was a “if you do this, then that, but you choose” option. I was mistaken.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Ever see “Inside Out” the Disney cartoon? That argument in your head was a perfect snapshot of the movie.

    I recently had one of those “Don’t tell me no” type moments as well. Definitely mind blowing and just so damn hot!!!

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