Be Still.

There is a fire in your eyes, but it’s not that Domme fire, it’s just pure lust.  Horniness at its best.  I can see it, sense it, almost feel it on you as you lead me to our room.

You strip me naked, and do the same for yourself.  It strikes me how matter of fact you’re being, it’s like laying out dinner ingredients before getting to work to make the actual dinner.  You spin slightly and point your phone to the speaker system, pretending it’s a remote to turn on the sound – the music.  Kansas starts it off.   The volume comes up as you turn back toward me.

You put your phone on the nightstand and push me back onto the bed.

Remember our rule,” you tell me.  We’ve instituted a new rule – it’s not about me asking if I may cum if I get to that point.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on with me at the time, I don’t ask any more.  The only time it’s OK is if I’m specifically told to.  The reminder seems odd, but it is a new rule.

As I’m laying back on the bed, you slink up on me, almost like a cat approaching, and you’re inches from my face.  You smile, then just shake your head at me.  As you do, I feel you shift… backwards, and down just a bit. I suddenly know why.

I feel just the tip of my cock at your entrance.  The heat is distinct and distracting and I start to move to you, wanting to impale you with me.  As soon as I start to move, you pull up and away a bit.  You repeat this again another time, and on the third time, a slap to the face, not too hard, but very distinct, followed by “stop it.”  I finally get the message.

You once again have me just there, just at the opening, just feeling you, feeling your heat.

You close your eyes like you’re concentrating and take a deep breath and slowly – oh so very slowly – press back and down on me.  It feels like you’re only barely moving, in fact it’s true – the movement is so slow – but there’s no mistaking it.  The heat engulfing me, the feeling of you around me and the sensation of moving up inside you is brain-bending.

I feel you slow down, pull back slightly, then start back down on me again.  You’re breathing, these slow breaths that catch every now and then, and your eyes have stayed shut.  Just this alone is about enough to make me explode, but there’s no way I’d be wanting to concentrate on anything else this instant.  It’s so erotic and super-charged that it’s unbelievable.

You continue this until I’m fully inside you and then slowly, painfully slowly, start moving forward and backward on me, stopping and starting anytime it feels just right to you.

I’m squirming, fighting back my own feelings – I want to grab you by the hips right about now and just completely attack you and take over.  But it’s not to be – this is your show and your show only right now.  I can feel you, deep inside you, feel you squeezing and releasing and pulsing against me.  I can feel every single millimeter of you as you ride me slowly up and down.  I can also feel me inching ever closer to a problem spot.

It’s a problem spot because you told me long ago to never stop you as you were getting closer to cumming – that I needed to deal with it.  And that’s where I am.  Trying desperately to deal with it.  With your steady rate, with the incredible feelings of being there, inside you, with the visual of your face, your body, your complete attention to yourself in front of me, I can feel myself climbing that cliff to the top and need to manage that, period.

I feel you start to cum, I see you start, I sense it, I can tell from your face, your grip on me, your squeezing me, your legs on mine, your thrusting.  It’s getting extremely insistent, though remaining slow and steady.  You’re not even going all the way in or out, you’re completely focused on the spots that push you over the edge and I can feel and see it taking hold.  Just as you trip over the edge you clench on me – internally, then with your legs, then your hands in mine – but the internal with the spasms I can feel throughout me  right now are pushing me over the top as well.  I’m pulling every trick I have not to cum with you, or to take away from your own orgasm.

As you start to come down, you reach for your wand and put it between us, riding it – but the added vibrations, along with your own riding me and the rest of the visuals – it’s getting to be too much.  I ask you to slow down, to wait a bit, but instead you turn up the wand, push it in just a bit more between us and slow down your riding me.  You have that look on your face still – a mix of Domme and pleasure and “don’t you dare fuck this up for me” that I will not be messing with.

As you cum again and continue riding me throughout, the wand keeps coming in direct contact with me, like a jolt of electricity, shooting down through my cock into my body, then releasing.  I can feel myself closer to my own orgasm than I can manage any more and I warn you that I need a break.  You grin at me, tell me that “that’s simply not going to happen.  This feels too good, and don’t you dare cum!

You close your eyes again and start slowly moving up and down, fucking me, taking whatever feels good at whatever pace feels good to you… it’s too much.  Too much to prevent myself from toppling over the edge and I frantically warn you.  You look at me, lead down to kiss me and roll off of me onto your back with the wand still in hand, just as you cum, hard, shaking and riding the orgasm hitting you.

After a few minutes of recovery, you hand me the wand and tell me it needs to be put away.  At this point there’s so much blood flowing to my cock that it literally hurts.  I hesitate a bit, hoping you’ll invite me over to you, but instead you just get up.

You’ll need to clean up.  It’s time for bed… ” is all you tell me as you wander slowly to the bathroom, grinning to yourself all the way.

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