The Scrabblympics Results

I want to say up front, I LOVE these games.  It pushes boundaries and limits, many times just physical “that much?!” type things and makes it a fun and, yes, exhausting weekend.  It also pushes me as there’s nothing quite like plopping on the couch and asking if she’d like me to do one of my edging challenges now.  Just… strange and weird and fun.. especially when she spins around to face me and has this grin on her face… [SSC:  No clue what he’s talking about…]


SO, the results.

Day 1
Here’s a look at how Day 1 shaped up (this was Friday)…

Haiku – I’ve never written a Haiku before.  Had to learn the rules on this one.  Here’s what I came up with (and tweeted):

Your touch and commands
drive me ever deeper still
pushing subspace bounds

So not too bad.  Also sent out an initial request for story ideas.   I also fulfilled the 20 O’s for her and 19 edges for me (egad, that’s a lot of edges… couldn’t get to 25).  Also, had had the ring on since 8a, so working on the 24 hr thing with that.  It was a BUSY day for a work day, I was feeling pretty positive about the tile haul.


…were the first letters.  Thankfully no “Q.”

Day 2 
Day 2 was a Saturday, so more time… until you take into account that we had family for part of the day.  Yikes.

WMCBP in – with the intention of having it in for 24 hours (would net 2 tiles).  Was awarded a special set of tiles for acquiring and replanting a series of plants outside.  It was nearly 100 degrees f, so she gave me 3 tiles.  [SSC:  I almost felt bad offering the earning potential—it was awful outside.]  YES!  Finished the edging “batch.”

My next batch of letters:


Later that night I was treated to 10 bite marks and I sang while making a drink and recorded it, posted it to Twitter.   Here’s a link to the recording if you’re interested.  It was fun and funny.

Day 3
Sunday was the last chance to acquire tiles.  I had big plans.

At 7:30a, WMCBP had been in for 24 hours.  – another tiles (1 for each 12).  I recorded a reading of one of my stories (“Before you go”, link here).  Which was met with extraordinary critical acclaim (not).   New letters:


So, I have to admit.  I’m feeling pretty good about this now.  I’m feeling like I have a chance at this one.  The letters have been reasonable.  Keep in mind, the words (and there must be 3) have to reference events from the Summer Olympics just completed.   [SSC:  He was starting to do things like BMI.  Uh, no….]  Still, nice assortment of letters.  What could possibly go wrong?

I thought I’d cement it.  At this point, I had 4 (from earlier in the week) “corrective” swats coming and I decided I’d redeem BOTH sets of swats.  That’s 64 total.  It seemed a good idea at the time – what I wouldn’t do for 2 more tiles.  I paid dearly for those tiles.  I made it through, but I can also tell you that my backside is STILL red today.  Yum.  [SSC:  I was surprised that he didn’t ask for a pic since I was pretty sure that he was going to need some extra ones to share.]

I I 

Now, perhaps you’ve noticed.  Lots of vowels.  3 I’s as an example.  Cause for pause.  But still feeling ok with it all. I had been playing with some words, but was getting worried.  I also only had about 45 minutes.  I went for the massage, because, well, sounds sappy, but she deserved it.  [SSC:  I know–he’s a keeper :)]

Ironically, the massage netted a letter “M.”


So there are the letters.  I came up with a few different words that had NOTHING to do with the Olympics of course.  And the following that did:

Clean (as in weightlifting clean & jerk)
Shot (as in shot put)

left over letters were


I’m pretty confident there may be words that would work. But the timeframe (required to be finished by 10p, which left only about 10 minutes to figure out terms) and the requirement that they be Olympic events killed me.

So, I lost.  Again.  Of course.  Some day.  SOME DAY I will prevail.  Maybe.  [SSC:  So, stay tuned.  Extra Snake pics and stories will be on the way.  And, no.  A win is unlikely unless I want you to win.]

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