Surprise Service Submission

Honey, can you come in here a minute please?

It’s all I hear from the other side of the house.  I wander through, trying to figure out where you are and finally find you in the library, in your personal space, with your books and books and more books.  This is where you come to escape.  But when I look at you, you’re in what can only be called classic librarian mode.  Sort of.

You’re there, hair up, glasses on, pencil in your mouth, facing the other way, leaned back in your most comfortable reading chair.  You’re in this dreamy state that I think I recognize…

I see you and snicker to myself.  But you hear me and turn towards me.

Your shirt is undone – not all the way, but most of the way, and you’re bra-less, which alone tells me you’re not reading a daily newspaper, but rather something much more fun.  You have this dreamy look in your eyes, but your expression is one of determination and… something else.  Lust?  Yes, it’s lust.  I’m surprised and caught off guard.

You know me too well.  You even see that I’m surprised and this sets you in motion, even as I ask what’s up.

I need you to help me with this book please.  I’m reading about… oh, never mind.  I’m reading a story and I need some.. help.  First though, can you get me a drink – and bring a tray. 

I go out and grab a drink come back with the tray and figure I’ll play butler.  I stand as straight as possible and walk in with that “good afternoon ma’am” look.   You grin at me and instead of giggling, you simply say “exactly.”  You point next to you and I walk over.

mmmmm… I love CFNM,” is all you say…

Without even looking at me, you reach up and start fiddling with the Steelheart, just as you sink back down into the chair to continue reading.  I look down at you to see what you’re reading and first get distracted by the cleavage, then by you, talking over the book without looking at me, saying “a proper sub would never look down, unless to pick up glasses or help with something. Otherwise, what I’m reading and, for that matter, wearing, is none of your concern.

I straighten up immediately and you continuing playing with my cage.  You stop, tell me to remove it and return.  I do, and resume standing there. Of course now there’s nothing holding me back, so I’m standing at full attention in every way possible.

You start stroking me, slowly, lightly, then you suddenly stop and giggle at something you’ve read, but this always seems to happen just as I’m getting closer.  You make a comment about what you’re reading, apparently a very sexy book, and then go back to stroking.

It’s very difficult to stand up, balance the tray, the drink and remain upright in an absolute sense.  In fact, I’d say you’re probably doing your level best to break my balance as you continue playing with me, stroking me, running your fingernails over my cock and balls.

I fight to keep my composure and keep the balance on the tray and am working very hard to not spill.  At last the waves of pleasure are washing around inside me… and I bend just a bit to keep my balance.  You immediately stop and pull your hand away.  An audible whimper somehow escapes me and you giggle just a bit.

Several minutes go by and I wonder if I’ve completely blown it.  You’re silent, not touching me, not addressing me, not looking at me.

You know, a good sub would never move, never spill the drink, and would know control when I’m simply trying to read through my book.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  Do you?

No ma’am.  It’s not too much to ask.

You read a bit more, completely ignoring me for several minutes before reaching up and starting the stroking again.

OH! I love this idea,” you blurt out, stopping to mark the page and talk quietly about it.   It seems that every time I get close, just at the very edge you find a way to stop, hiding it in the moment, not acknowledging that you’re edging me endlessly.  My body is sweating out of every pore.  I can feel my knees and legs starting to fight to stay in position.

All this time, I’m watching the glass and your drink, making certain that it goes nowhere and certainly doesn’t spill.

This goes on for what seems like forever – to the edge, then not enough to get there, then to the edge and back again.  Back and forth, and I’m working to stay where you put me.  It’s incredibly difficult to do such an easy thing in this way.  That thought keeps racing through my mind over and over – how simple this should be, but how difficult it really is.

You start commenting on the book – it turns out it’s a book about servant submissives and how this Domme is putting them to the test.  The whole time that you are talking you’re not looking at me and you’re stroking more and more, harder and harder, building up.

Just as you start to have me climbing that incredible ride of feelings, you take your drink as you stroke and look me dead in the eye while you do.

Cum for me.  Now.” is all you say as you keep stroking, holding my gaze.

It takes only seconds after your instruction.

My insides explode, my head swims and somewhere in the back of my head I hear myself trying to keep the tray in position.  I feel my insides push and pull and squeeze and release and I my body is swimming in the erotic overload of the moment.

You slow your stroking, then stop.  As I come back down to earth, I have somehow managed to keep the tray relatively in position and you place your now-empty glass on it.  You smile and kiss me and lean in to my ear and whisper..

Very well done.  I’d like a refill please.”  You sit back down and get back to finishing up the book and you’re grinning the entire time.

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