Sinful Sunday 32 – Bikini and a Moscow Mule Anyone?

Summer is arriving early this year (good gawd please don’t keep getting hotter and hotter though) and that means… BIKINI ON CHARMER!

We’ve recently discovered the “Mule” line of drinks – all sorts of drinks that incorporate Ginger Beer (it’s not alcoholic) and various mixes that usually include lime and other booze.  They’re supposed to be served in copper cups.

We thought it made a great picture that plays with Focal Length (the prompt for this month’s initial Sinful Sunday) and color – and let’s face it, any excuse I get for snapping shots of Charmer is just fine by me!


I linked to the full image just because I love the depth of the colors. Love how it came out.



21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 32 – Bikini and a Moscow Mule Anyone?”

  1. LOVE gingerbeer and Moscow Mules but, sadly, the latter are off the menu for me at the moment. 🙁 Never mind – I can live the Mule dream vicariously thanks to this fab image. And I totally agree with you re. the colours; so pretty! Jane xxx

  2. Oh yes – the colours are astonishing – and the different patterns – wonderful. You’ve got me hankering after a coppery ginger drink now… mmm

  3. Now I really really want it to be the summer but this is England and our summer is never what it should be. Love the colours in this shot and I have a feeling that Charmer in a bikini is truly fabulous part of summer


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