Zombie Plan Update…

This is going to be a non-kinky post–sorry, guys.   It’s a bit of an update and some random thoughts so proceed at your own peril…

Back in May, I mentioned trying to run.  The challenge was an Army Bootcamp one and running was a huge part of it.  I did it, but I hated it.  And everything hurt.  My body just really doesn’t like running.  I can hike for hours.  Snake and I do competitive dance so we take lessons and practice for 4-5 hours per week.  Running and I just are never going to be besties.

I have lifted weights on and off for years.  I would get bored and move onto something new.  I have exercise ADHD.  Probably other forms, but that’s another story.  🙂  I need to keep switching things up or I stop exercising.  Most of the “programs” want you to do the same stuff for about 90 days.  Even with upper/lower body stuff, I just lose interest in the same exercises for that long.  Finally, I realized that if I just made my own routines for different muscle groups, I could keep myself motivated and interested.  You might have thought I could have realized this a long time ago, but…

Snake and I are part of a great group online who all encourage each other to work out.  It helps to know that other people around the world are paying attention and keeping you honest.  When we first started with them, my inner competitor was in charge.  I wanted to do well because I am one of only a few women in the group.  Woman power.  It was a great kickstart for me.  It made me consistent and it made me push myself.

There were several people talking online last night about how long it should take to see results.  I know that I am really starting to be able to tell a difference in myself.  And it was pretty awesome when Snake put his arm around me at dance and went, “Wow, I can feel muscles from the workouts.”   While we were talking about it, though, I realized that I wasn’t working out to compete with anyone else anymore.  I love the support and camaraderie and watching other people’s results, but somewhere over the last few months, my workouts have become all about me.  I’m competing against myself.  I’m doing it for myself.  And this is really the first time in my life that I really am feeling good about working out.

I realized last night that it has become less about specific goals and more about how I feel.  I feel strong.  I’ve always been an emotionally strong person, but this has changed how I see myself physically.  I’ve always felt sexy, but now I feel even better about myself.  And it’s a pretty great place to be.   So–that’s my Zombie plan update.  Won’t be outrunning them, but think I might be able to toss a few of them aside.  🙂

And, just to toss you a D/s crumb… The date for Snake’s next orgasm is still September 7th or later.  I edged him last night 12 times.  Apparently the last one was so close that it was painful…and then he locked back up.  I, however, have been enjoying plenty of my own orgasms.  It’s good to be me!

7 Replies to “Zombie Plan Update…”

  1. That’s awesome, how the focus of your working out has shifted. And for me, competing against myself has always been more effective than competing against someone else.

    My plan for the zombie apocalypse is to campaign for zombie rights and keep them as pets.

  2. Good post! And fantastic about it being for you!! I love seeing your posts on Twitter about your workouts. I am not a member of the crew but I walk daily and am trying to encourage myself to do strength training so keep posting to motivate me!

  3. Never mind for a girl, you’re kicking some ass even compared to the other guys.

    Besides, running is over-rated. Want to get someplace fast during the zombie apocalypse? Get a bike. You’ll go a lot farther and faster than running, and you won’t have fuel problems when the power goes out.

    1. It’s too hot to ride here a lot of the year and it’s pretty dangerous. But thanks for the props! 🙂

  4. When the hungry, moaning hordes come shambling down your street, you won’t think it’s too hot to ride then. You’ll be thinking “Did I remember to keep the tires inflated?”

    1. Guaranteed that the tires aren’t inflated. They’ve been hanging on hooks for *cough* just a few years… I think the tires are definitely shot. 🙂

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