Mouthy Subs and Spankings

Last week was off just enough to be annoying.  None of it huge stuff, but it just added up like life usually does.

We own our own business and our daughter works for us.  That’s a good thing for her and for us most of the time.  However, when she isn’t happy at work, she has a tendency to come to me rather than Snake.  Of course, I work from home and he is in the office.  I try to sort things out without interfering (ha!).  She wants me to talk to “Dad” and he expects her to behave like an adult and, yeah, you get the picture.  So, there was that wonderful employee/family dynamic for a couple of days.

She was also recovering from an ear infection which just added to her unhappiness.  And Snake and I were both feeling a bit of a drop from the previous weekend’s activities.  Add all of it together and things were just stressful and annoying.

Saturday night we went dancing for a little while and then came home to watch relax with wine and TV.  We watched several episodes of Sense8.  Still have no real idea of what is going on, but really like it so far.  And the rainbow-colored dildo from the first episode?  Love it!

Anyway, Snake thought he would try to be pushy about playtime and I told him that he was being mouthy.  He jokingly asked me what I was going to do about it.  Seriously?  I told him that I already owed him 5 swats with the paddle from a couple of weeks back.  (I honestly couldn’t remember what he had done, just that I owed him the 5.  Apparently it was because he didn’t undress when he came home.)   He kept giving me a hard time, and as people following me on Twitter saw, I went off to deal with a mouthy sub.

I’ve never punished him before with swats.  I usually prefer edging or ruined orgasms or longer waits or delaying play.  And I won’t spank with my hand because it hurts–more on that later.  🙂  The paddle was actually purchased for impact play and I think he was a little surprised that I was actually going to use it for punishment.  It’s very cute with a heart cut out in the middle.  Nothing says love like an oak paddle with a heart…

I had him get on the bed with his ass in the air, cage on.  I think he honestly thought they was going to be play spanks where I build up a little over time.  Nope.  First one was hard and he gasped and shifted.  He buried his head into the pillow some more because he knew that at least four more were coming.  Between two and three, he collapsed on the bed, but didn’t try to get away.

When I finished with all five, I climbed up on his back and started biting him.  I knew that he wasn’t coming out of the cage that night because that was what he had been pushing for.  I also knew that his cage was quite full even though the swats hurt a lot by the way he was shifting around.  I think I marked him 7 or 8 times and by the end he wasn’t even reacting.  I don’t think he quite made it to sub space, but he was right on the edge.  I sat up and swatted him two more times with the paddle.  I think the reaction was *shock.*

After that, I rolled over on my back.  It was my turn.  He gave me a couple of orgasms and then put on the strap-on.  I didn’t tell him to–I think it was a definite choice on his part to push himself into his subby place.  I could see in his eyes the disconnect between the usual thrusting motion and his complete inability to feel anything.  By the end of the night, I had come 15 times.  And I think that now puts my ratio over 20:1.  But, who’s counting?

In the morning, we talked about the spanking before we got up.  Even just mentioning it was making his cage tight again.  Fun.  🙂  He said he definitely still had to process it.  The whole pain kink is still one that he struggles with at times.  He asked me what I thought.  I still am not sold on it being a great punishment since it really turns him on.  I did say that it was much better than using my hand because it didn’t hurt.  He snarkily told me, “Well, thank God, you didn’t hurt YOUR hand…”  I do think he will pay for that at some point in the future.

There is always a strange line between causing Snake pain while we are playing and the marriage dynamic.  We do fit well since I have a tendency to be sadistic and he tends to be masochistic.  Win/win.  But, it’s always a little odd to be cuddling in bed and discussing how I caused him pain and he liked it.  The life that we lead.  🙂

We write private blog posts to each other on weekdays.  On Monday, Snake wrote this to me:

For punishment, holy fuck.  OK, I get it.  Yes, it would be very effective if you wanted to do that.

For play, I think if you built up over some period of time (you know what that is better than I do – you have it down to a fine art, probably smacks, delay, smacks, etc.) it would be a sure thing to sub-space.  The thing is, the feeling after, the feeling the next day, even with what little we did, doesn’t just push buttons, but it massages them, nails them down in place.

Wow.  All of my Domme bits were just singing.

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